DSE TREC No. 185, Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd.
Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Our meticulous effort to create a better investment pathway for our clients in the Bangladesh Stock Market has made us become one of the leading equity brokerage houses in the country.

We began as M. Rahman Securities Ltd. in 1995 with our activities confined only within the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) Ltd. We rebranded ourselves as Delta Capital Ltd. in 2012 following a restructuring of the company.

We specialize in developing the country’s most efficient stock brokerage workforce with unmatched skills and professionalism. We cater to both Institutional and Retail clients with quality, convenience, and reliability. Furthermore, we work with local financial institutions, custodian banks, corporations, international fund managers, and other fellow brokers with such professionalism that has laid the foundation of our future growth and further success.

Our ability to meet the demands considering every client’s time horizon, goals, and risk tolerance have helped us forge relations with thousands of retail and institutional clients all over the globe.

Our shareholders are successful business men and women in Bangladesh who amongst others have substantial equity holdings in two of the biggest financial institutions in Bangladesh, the first being one of the oldest and largest banking company and the other being one of the oldest and largest life insurer. The experience of being involved with such large and prestigious institutions have helped us in understanding the preferences of our clients, to act on their choices and decisions, and to guarantee them the most comfortable investment environment with the highest degree of professionalism and discretion.

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